Ordering Assessments with Labs, without Insurance

Please view video below, or follow the written steps:

  1. From your Dashboard search for the patient’s name and click enter:

2. From the Patient Profile Overview Select “New Order with Labs”:

3. Once in the New Order screen, you will see a few areas that require a selection or additional information:

   a. The first step will be reviewing the Lab Pricing information with the patients. This will ensure the selected panel is the correct choice for them. The Lab Pricing sheet can be found in the Lab Information of the “Resources” area found in the bottom right-hand side of the Dashboard page:

   b. Once the pricing has been reviewed, you will need to select between the Quest or True Health Diagnostics option for the Serum testing:

4. From here you will need to select one of the panels from the Combos grid (make sure you watch Video to understand differences between the panels on each row). You will see your selection underlined in green:

5. Proceed to the Insurance Information field. Make sure to check off the box for “Doesn’t Have Insurance”. This will disable all the other fields in this area:

6. The Diagnosis Code area can be skipped:

7. Proceed to the Patient’s Address field. If this was not entered at the time of the Patient creation, please enter it now:

8. Proceed to the Payment Method Field.
   a.  If the patient’s payment information was entered at the time of Patient creation,            you will see it listed as an option. Outlined in Pink.
    b. If the information was not entered at that time, or the patient would like to use a            different card, please make sure “New Credit Card” is selected. Outlined in Blue
    c. If the patient is paying you directly in the office, you will need to select the Cash           Option. In doing so, the system understands you will collect the payment directly          into your tender, so it will charge the practitioner card on file to even out the                  books financially. Outlined in Orange.

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