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The Metabolic Code Diet has been crafted by our team of Registered Dietitians to help rebalance and reset the system and support each TRIAD. This diet has an easy to follow 3-phase approach that helps guide people through the process at different intervals depending on their needs.

The MCD aims to achieve two things:

1) To assist people in controlling and lowering their daily glycemic load intake. This helps address issues with blood glucose, lipids, insulin resistance, pre-diabetes and elevated blood pressure, as well as weight loss.

2) To teach people how to go through an elimination diet process which addresses many common gut related health issues such as digestive system concerns, mood swings, and auto-immunity issues.

3-Phased Approach 

Phase 1:
Eliminate & Recalibrate

We jump right in by eliminating all possible food allergens and starches for several weeks. This will give your body the break it needs to reset and recalibrate. Most people start to see results with the first two weeks. You will receive guides to help you make this transition as smooth as possible .

Phase 2:
Discover & Rebuild

During this phase you are guided in reintroducing possible food allergens and starches. You will learn what symptoms to look for if you react to a food, how to keep your blood sugar down through portioning, and get new recipes to try.

Phase 3:
Maintain & Improve

We teach you how to maintain your results while still enjoying life. Finding this balance is where most diets fail, we will give you strategies that have been time tested and approved.

MCD Guide and Tools 

Here are some of the support materials you will receive to help guide you through the the entire Metabolic Code Diet phases 1-3:

  • Phase 1: Meal plan – we have several variations of this meal plan, your MC Pro Practitioner will help select the one that best suites your needs. 
  • Specialty Foods: Guide to making healthy swaps that are MCD approved 
  • MCD Carb Counter: Awareness is key, we begin the MCD with knowing where exactly you are today and how many starches you consume on a regular day.
  • MCD Eating Out Guide: How to make healthy choices when you’re on the road. 
  • MCD Eliminations Booklet: How to find hidden sources of possible food allergens. 
  • MCD Plate: Visual guide to how to divide your meal in a healthy and balanced way. 
  • Weaning off Caffeine
  • MCD Alcohol and Social Drink

Request Free Sample MCD PDF 

Curious? Request a free sample of one of our diet documents today to see the level of detail and support you receive throughout this process. 

12 Week Weight Loss Program 

Guided Weight Loss Program

Additional guidance, accountability and resources to help you get to your optimal healthy weight and maintain it longterm. This 12 week program builds off of what you will be doing in Phase 1,2,3 of the Metabolic Code diet.

  • Diet pointers
  • Recipes
  • Weigh-ins

*Administered by physicians only – ask your MC Professional for more details

The Weight-Loss Trifecta 

1. Metabolic Code Diet

The diet will help reduce systemic inflammation, get your blood sugar under control and make sure you’re getting the optimal number of calories per day. This sets the foundation for weight-loss and take the unnecessary stress of key metabolic systems throughout your body. 

2. Targeted Supplements

Each Metabolic Code supplement is carefully selected and formulated to help support the different TRIADS. The health of the TRIADS dictates your metabolic health which influences your ability to get fat off and keep it off long term. Your Metabolic Code report comes with supplement recommendations based specifically off your results. 

3. Reduce Stress 

Elevated cortisol over time cascades into a metabolic disaster resulting in unwanted weight gain, especially around the mid-section. Intentionally helping yourself reduce stress throughout the day will help you shed the pounds and improve your overall Metabolic Code report. 

The Metabolic Minute

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