The Metabolic Code is a total solution for managing the Lifestyle and metabolism of your patients. When you become a Metabolic Code center, you will enjoy many professional services to support every aspect of your practice to ensure improved outcomes and increased revenues while simplifying the process of care.


  • Improve clinical decision making
  • Increase practice efficiency
  • Enhance revenue and sales
  • Increase patient adherence and retention
  • Participate in a community of like-minded providers
  • Transform into a Practitioner-Researcher and link to our academic agenda


  • Utilize our cloud based, Point of Care platform that organizes patient clinical data, generates wellness action plans and tracks patients between visits. (see below for details)
  • On-going professional education – stay current on the latest wellness research by participating in our network of providers. Through our comprehensive education strategy, members receive webinars, attend live events, and enjoy monthly updates.
  • Become a practitioner/researcher! Our academic partner, The George Washington University Department of Health Sciences – continuously analyzes clinical data across Metabolic Code populations to ensure optimal outcomes and cost effective therapies.
  • Productivity metrics – members receive continual feedback on key indices of practice success.

The Metabolic Code Network is the largest living experiment in medical wellness today. Invest in the health of your practice and become part of the Metabolic Code solution!

Work Smarter

The Metabolic Code platform is an easy-to-use application with practical functionality for practitioners. Once subscribed, you will have access to the Metabolic Code Health Assessment Platform through your private and secure online account.

Clinical Decision Support

The Metabolic Code Health Assessment Platform seamlessly aggregates patient data from our extensive web-based questionnaire, biometrics, and laboratory testing. The results of this information is automatically integrated into our proprietary, evidence based algorithms – over 16,000! – to generate a Metabolic Code Report of the individual along with targeted recommendations for dietary supplements and lifestyle interventions.

The report serves to define the current metabolic health of the patient and generates suggestions on how to correct these challenges to restore vitality. Information is organized using a clinical systems biology approach.

Metabolic Code Report: Systems Biology Made Simple

We start with the premise that the body is comprised of a network of systems. These systems are beautifully interconnected, by sharing biological information, balancing and influencing each other, and creating metabolic harmony.  Said another way, they are our operating system that when working properly generate health and resilience.

The Code deconstructs this network into 5 groupings or sub systems called Triads.  Each triad is made of three components that share common functions. For example, the first triad is composed of insulin, thyroid and cortisol. On one level these three hormones influence how we manage stress, carbohydrates and the rate of our metabolism. More broadly they influence energy production in the body.

By sub-typing a patient’s physiology into these 5 triads, we create a language and framework for identifying strengths and weaknesses in these subdomains of metabolism, and how to go about rebalancing them. They act as a teaching tool for the patient as well, and offer greater insight into their own health needs.

So you have your plan, and agreed with the patient on what to do. Now what…?

Metabolic Code Action Plan: Lifestyle Solutions Made Simple

The Metabolic Code Supplement Solution (MCSS) offers a turnkey fulfillment service to automatically deliver products to your patients through our advanced Auto-Order solution or In-Office distribution.

The Metabolic Code Supplement Solution provides an outlet for increased patient compliance and adherence, alongside increased practitioner revenue.

Metabolic Code also helps to simplify the backend of the process making patient and practitioner satisfaction a key priority.

  • Access to multiple clinical laboratories and first-class supplement manufacturers.
  • Patients can utilize insurance for lab testing even if the physician is not an insurance participating provider. This is submitted through the lab, NOT the office.
  • Reports are automatically generated based on patient biomarkers, a comprehensive questionnaire, and laboratory results.
  • Lab results are automatically posted to the patient’s account when ordered through the Metabolic Code Platform, freeing office staff from the tedious tasks of tracking down results.
  • Metabolic Code will handle all communication and correspondence with multiple vendors allowing for better use of practitioner time.
  • Any declined or rejected credit card transactions on product orders is handled through the Metabolic Code support team.

Better Outcomes: Clinical Research at Your Fingertips

The Metabolic Code practitioner network allows for the analysis of clinical, financial and behavioral data across populations. We have partnered with the Center for Medical Informatics and the Department of Health Sciences at the George Washington University to conduct outcomes and cost effectiveness research. Our algorithms are updated in real time as new knowledge is generated from the experts in our data management and sciences core.

The Metabolic Code therefore has the industry leading capability to generate best practice and clinical care guidelines, research and health policy manuscripts, and influence the broader practice of medicine.

We are the largest and most dynamic medical wellness practice based research network ever assembled. Our practitioners enjoy the educational benefits derived from this marriage of clinical services and outcomes research to ensure maximal outcomes in every patient.

Make More: Easily Increase Revenue and Sales

The Metabolic Code provides many avenues to increasing practice revenue, as well as other benefits. In addition to unlimited FREE assessment reports:

  • We offer a FREE comprehensive marketing program for practitioners.
  • We will send a marketing kit to your office that includes:
    • Quick start – If you choose, we will upload your patient base directly Into your Metabolic Code Platform to immediately start marketing your patients
    • Kickstands for your office
    • Brochures
    • Sample reports
    • A how-to booklet on how to use the MC report for consults
    • A booklet that guides your office staff on in-office sales
  • The margins on supplement sales has significantly improved for practitioners:
    • Practitioners now earn 30% on all TIER 1 supplements shipped to their patients (Tier 1 represents 90% of our formulary)
    • We offer free shipping to your patients for orders over $100
  • Auto-Orders – Increase long-term patient satisfaction with permission-based recurring orders shipped monthly.
    • Statistics show that placing a supplement request on recurring Auto-Orders increases sales up to 200%. This also reduces required in-office inventory for patient accessibility.
  • A resource library will be easily accessible for all practitioners through our platform that will include webinars, videos, diet plans, nutrition plans, monographs and more to come.
  • Compliance – When patients understand the need for improved wellness through supplementation with an easy to follow outline, it builds trust between the practitioner and patient resulting in improved patient compliance and loyalty. Patients are more likely to follow up on future appointments and stay on track with their regimen.