Metabolic Code® TRIAD 2

TRIAD 2 - Resiliency

TRIAD 2: Resiliency

(Gut, Immune, Brain)


(Gut, Immune, Brain)

This TRIAD is comprised of the digestive tract, immune system, and the central nervous system.  Together, these intelligent body systems make moment-to-moment decisions in regards to absorption and assimilation, and setting critical boundaries physically, immunologically, and psychically.

When TRIAD 2 is normal, the person feels organized and secure within themselves and their environment. When these systems are out of balance, the person can become jumbled and unpredictable.

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1. Labs & Lifestyle Questionnaire 

Take our signature comprehensive lab panel and lifestyle questionnaire to identify where your systems are currently out of balance. 

2. Personalized Supplement Program

Based on your results take pharmaceutical grade and clinically tested supplements that are compounded specifically to address each TRIAD. 

3.  Metabolic Code Diet 

Based on your profile you will get a detailed Metabolic Code Diet program that will significantly benefit your results and help you reach a healthy weight. 

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