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For many of us, there comes a moment in life when we feel as though we’ve turned a dark corner in our health. As the feeling of vitality begins to erode, subtle changes in our metabolism start to signal a sense that something has shifted in our well-being. This shift can go on for years before changes are detected through traditional lab interpretation.

We are all either spiraling toward good health or slowly spiraling down to bad health. It’s important to identify symptoms early on, and understand not just where the lab values are today, but more importantly, where are they going.

You do not have to be overweight to be feeling disturbances in your metabolism. Maybe you’re fatigued, have aches and pains, have high blood pressure or cholesterol or experience uncontrollable food cravings. Even if you are challenged by a particular condition, or you may not be able to tolerate drug therapy for a given condition, Metabolic Code can help.  Now is the time to get an assessment and take action to help course correct. 

The Metabolic Code is a method for determining your vitality and wellness by assessing the true state of metabolic health today based on current biometrics, lifestyle and labs. It’s created so that you too can have a clear understanding of your results and know exactly how to take action to move toward better health today. 

How the Metabolic Code® Works

1. Labs & Lifestyle Questionnaire 

Take our signature comprehensive lab panel and lifestyle questionnaire to identify where your systems are currently out of balance. 

2. Personalized Supplement Program

Based on your results take pharmaceutical grade and clinically tested supplements that are compounded specifically to address each TRIAD. 

3.  Metabolic Code Diet 

Based on your profile you will get a detailed Metabolic Code Diet program that will significantly benefit your results and help you reach a healthy weight. 

Lifestyle Influences on Your Health

The Metabolic Code was founded on the principle that your health today is a result of the experiences, exposures and lifestyle habits that you have acquired throughout your life.  Your health is a dynamic and shifting swirl of chemistry that can be positively influenced and rejuvenated by taking the steps needed to embrace lifestyle change and to create a health style that meets the needs of you and your family.

Today, experts are too fast to jump to the conclusion that genetics control how you are going to feel and where your health will lead.  Although there is value in genomics,  the reality is for most of us,  you are in control of the majority of your genetic potential, and the choices you make every day combined with how equipped you are to deal with environmental exposure will create your future health.  



-Trans Fat
-Food Allergies


-Over the Counter
-Prescription Drugs
-Nutrient depletion




Heavy Metals
Pollens, Mold & Plastics


-Vitamin D


-Psychogenic Stress
-Physical Stress


-Past/present conditions
-Active Disease

At Metabolic Code, we believe that there are numerous influences on your health including: Genetics, Diet/Food Intolerances, Drug History, Stress/Chronic and Acute, Environment/Detoxification Potential, Disease history, Exercise, and Essential Nutrient Status.

These influences and others all take part in shaping your metabolism and how you feel today.  Your metabolism is more than how many calories you burn versus how much you are taking in.  In order to make a change that is lasting, a new understanding of metabolism has to be created. Metabolism is the sum of all biochemical reactions throughout your life that drive your body toward the health that you have today, and more importantly, where your health will be in the future.  It is exciting and challenging to realize that you have the power to change the destiny of your health, vitality and how gracefully you will age.

The 5 Metabolic TRIADS

Your Personal Combination of Health and Vitality

So how is the report generated, how is it so personalized to you? Your questionnaire responses, biometrics, and blood results are analyzed through thousands of algorithms. The Metabolic Code system then takes the data and organized it across 5 TRIADS to form the basis of your Metabolic Code report. Each TRIAD represents 3 highly interrelated organ systems. 

The TRIADS create a common language between you and the practitioner that is easy to follow and gives you clear guidance on what specifically you need to focus on first in order make the biggest impact on your health overall today. 

Your Personalized Assessment & Plan

Unlike regular lab results you get from a doctor, the Metabolic Code report is easy to understand and will tell you at a glance where your risk level is and where you need to take action. 

You will find the TRIADS that are most at risk at the top of the list. These are the ones you need to pay attention to first. 

Each organ system, as well as all your lab markers, are marked with green, yellow or red flags. Overtime the goal is to have as many green flags as possible. 

Our report uses a different range to assess whether lab results are low, medium or high risk which is what makes our assessment more accurate and able to detect unbalances earlier.

We look at the real numbers and catch red flags early

What’s truly unique about the Metabolic Code is that we hold the bar higher for our patients. Our assessment is based on a range of where the average healthy adult should be, not just where the average population falls.

As the health of the average American has declined over the last several decades the average lab markers that doctors and labs see have gone up as well. Those systems are based on a bell curve so what used to be considered a high value might now be considered normal, when compared to the average population. 

At the Metabolic Code we don’t want our patients to be average. We want everyone to be operating at their BEST. Thus our team of researchers takes data from a wider population including healthy people and looks at the research to determine where lab markers really should be for a healthy adult. This enables us to catch possible red flags way before anyone else. 

That’s why you can count on our assessment to really tell where you stand today, where you’re headed in the future, and how heal your metabolic systems. 

Metabolic Code® Diet

Once you and your doctor have reviewed your report they will also recommend a Metabolic Code® Diet that will help you accelerate your results, find a healthy weight and learn lifestyle skills to stay healthy long term.

This is an elimination style diet that guides you in removing all possible allergens for a short period of time and then helps you reintroduce and assess whether certain foods work well with your body chemistry. 

Within just a couple weeks you could be feeling dramatically better. The MCD is a key part in this program. We recommend you commit to it 100%, you won’t be disappointed. 

One-of-a-Kind Quality Supplements

Based on your Metabolic Code report your practitioner will make a recommendation on which supplements you should consider taking to help you move toward better health.

These days it’s necessary to supplement our diets to get the optimal levels of vitamins and minerals but the industry remains unregulated. Most vitamins are synthetic and have random ingredients and chemicals that dont have to be listed on the label. These synthetic supplements don’t get digested and just end up in the sewage drain, along with your money. 

We are adamant about offering only clinically proven, lab tested, quality supplements. We partner with the best compounders in the US and specifically formulate each supplement ourselves to address the needs of the TRIAD it’s associated to. You will not find these anywhere else on the market. 

Our vitamins are: 
– Tested by 3rd party 
– Can be traced back to their source 

You can order directly from our site and set up reoccurring orders. 

Patient Testimonials

Over three decades we have worked with thousands of patients across North America. Here are just a couple testimonials about the Metabolic Code program and how it helped them reclaim their health and vitality.

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Metabolic Code® is a personalized health evaluation program that creates a precise plan of action for people to live and feel better.

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