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Key benefits you get with Metabolic Code® Pro and our partners


Metabolic Code® Assessment & Report Generating Platform
$ 199
monthly / per user
  • For all practitioner types
  • Unlimited Metabolic Code Reports* (limited time only)
  • Exclusive practitioner supplement store
  • Resource library, nutrition and lifestyle guides
  • All Metabolic Medicine™ educational webinars, content, replays
  • BONUS: Evexia Labs exclusive $50 offer (save $250)

+ Point of Care

Premium+ Point of Care Cloud-based Business & Client Sofware
$ 279
monthly / per user
  • For all practitioner types
  • Client / Patient Management
  • Automated nutrition & lifestyle program delivery
  • Telehealth & Chat
  • Electronic Paperwork & Intake Forms
  • HIPAA-, PIPEDA-, GDPR- & PCI-compliance
  • INCLUDES: 1 additional user account for support personel

+ Labs

Premium+ Integrated lab results into the Metabolic Code Report
$ 349
monthly / per user
  • Only practitioners who can order labs
  • Integrated lab results into Metabolic Code
  • Enhanced Metabolic Code Reports using integrated lab results (50+ pages)
  • Metabolic Code Silver, Gold, Platinum lab panels
  • Create your own lab combinations


Premium+ Point of Care + Integrated Labs Bundle
$ 399
monthly / per user
  • Only practitioners who can order labs
  • EVERYTHING in Premium plus...
  • + Point of Care Software
  • + Integrated Labs

*Limited time only offer for unlimited patient/client reports

Please Note: All pricing above is for a single practitioner account. Each account receives a complementary support role within the Point of Care System only.

For more details about our exclusive partner discount offer from Evexia Diagnostics, see details below.

Regarding lab integration: At this time PRO is only available to those practitioners that can order labs in their state and want labs integrated into their reports.

Metabolic Code®

Exclusive Store Access
Free Forever, Per Practitioner
  • Buy Exclusive Supplements & Products
  • Evexia Diagnostic Discount Available**

Metabolic Code®
Multi-user Accounts

Need multiple practitioners under one account?
$ 199
monthly / Per additional user
  • Buy Exclusive Supplements & Products
  • Evexia Diagnostic Discount Available**

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If you are interested in signing up multiple practitioners under one clinic? Please contact us for details on group pricing and how best to set up your clinic.

Become a Metabolic Code® Practitioner

Since you cannot order labs, only select Premium -or- Premium+POC subscription options below:
Great! Unlock the exclusive Metabolic Code protocols and panels and have them added to your Evexia account. To do so, click here to send them your request and mention the code MC250 so that they know you're coming from us panels.
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Metabolic Code® is a personalized health evaluation program that creates a precise plan of action for people to live and feel better.

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Our cloud-based point-of-care system makes it easy to manage patient information, generate personalized wellness plans, and deliver health products right to your patient’s doorstep.

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Experience what so many others have done to rapidly improve their health and vitality long-term. We have lifestyle programs created for people with all types of goals and dietary needs.