Metabolic Code integrates with Apple Health to enable clients to sync their Apple Health app with the POC, and for a provider to view metric logs. If your clients have an Apple Watch, data syncs from Apple Watch into Apple Health, which is pulled into POC with this integration.

Metrics pulled from Apple Health into the POC #

The POC will pull the following metrics, if they have been enabled by the client, from Apple Health into the POC:

  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Cycling Distance 
  • Heart Rate
  • Height
  • Mindful Minutes
  • Sleep Analysis
  • Steps 
  • Walking and Running Distance 
  • Weight
  • Duration for some activities
  • Calories burned for some activities

If you would like to turn off the ability for your clients to sync their Apple Health with the Metabolic Code POC, you can navigate to your account Settings, and disable “Apple Health.” This can be enabled / disabled on a global, group, and individual client basis. If you have disabled this, Clients will not see the ability to Integrate their Apple Health account with the Metabolic Code POC when they navigate to Integrations. 

Logged data sends from Apple Health to the POC when the client opens the Metabolic Code app AND automatically once/day (even if app is not open).

Additionally, in order for information to sync properly, you as the provider must enable the ability to track metrics that sync from Fitbit within the client’s settings. Navigate to your client’s profile, and click on “Actions” and select the “Settings” tab. Under the “Metrics” box, you can select/de-select the metrics setting you wish to track for your client. For example, if the “Weight” button is not selected, weight data will not sync from Fitbit, even if the client has linked their Fitbit account with Metabolic Code POC. 

Viewing Entries from Apple Health #

Metrics entered into the Metabolic Code POC are visible in a Client’s Journal section.

Data synced from Apple Health appears as Metrics graphs with the tag “Apple Health” on the specific entry.

Instructions to share with clients to set up Apple Health #

Clients can log into their POC Mobile App, Navigate to Integrations, and Connect with Apple Health.

Here is a guide you can share with clients, to walk them through set up: Sync your Apple Health Account with Metabolic Code

Important Notes: #

  • Metrics entered in the Metabolic Code POC will not push into Apple Health
  • Data syncs from a client’s Apple Health profile into Metabolic Code POC when the client opens the Metabolic Code POC mobile app, at a maximum of once a day.
  • If clients report that data is not syncing from Apple Health, be sure that all permissions are enabled your client’s iPhone to share information. 

Additional resources #

Practitioner Support: Submit your questions through the form on the Support page HERE

POC Weekly Training: Join one of our weekly trainings to ask questions and work through settings. Link to upcoming events is also listed on the practitioner support page HERE

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