Tracking Client Progress in a Program

Through the POC’s Program feature, you have the ability to keep tabs on each client’s progress throughout your program. This will allow you to provide motivation/support to any clients that need, view client responses to forms/surveys/quizzes, and overall assess the performance of your program. 

Program overview and client details  #

Navigate to the Programs feature from your provider account (Dashboard > Programs). You’ll see a list of all of your created programs, and can quickly gauge the length of time of the program, and how many clients are enrolled.

By clicking the “view” button, you’ll be able to see more details about your program. The “Clients” tab will allow you to sort by: 

  • All clients who have ever been enrolled 
  • Clients who have completed the program 
  • Clients who are in-progress with the program 
  • Clients who have not yet started the program 

By clicking on a particular client within the program, you’ll be able to see their individual progress on a “progress tracker bar” as well as their actual start-date.


Use this feature to engage with clients during their program, encourage them to continue moving forward, and support those who may need more assistance or accountability.

Download Form Responses from a Program  #

Forms are often added into a program to gauge enrolled clients’ progress, ask for feedback, or engage with participants. Save time in viewing responses by uploading all form responses at once. 

Go to “Programs” and select the “view” button on your program 

Within the “Program Information” section, you’ll see the option to “Download All Form Responses” 

This will initiate a single download for all responses. 

Program progress and notifications  #

Launching a program allows you to help educate, and work with, several clients at once. Staying informed on your clients’ progress is important, so the POC has built-in tools to help you. 

Client Progress:  #

Navigate to a client’s profile. By scrolling down, you’ll see a “Programs” section. This will tell you which programs your client is (or has) been enrolled in, as well as their current progress. Click the three dots to see actions you can take, including 

1. View Details: see a comprehensive report of your client’s progress through a program 

2. Nudge Client: send them an email notification reminding them to complete their next module. 

Program notifications:  #

Want to receive more real-time notifications? Navigate to the Settings gear icon in the POC > Notifications. 

From here you’ll be able to adjust email and push notifications you receive on behalf of your clients. For Programs, you have the option of receiving updates when a client has completed a program module or an entire program. Simply check the box next to these notification settings if you’d like to receive an email. 

Additional resources #

Practitioner Support: Submit your questions through the form on the Support page HERE

POC Weekly Training: Join one of our weekly trainings to ask questions and work through settings. Link to upcoming events is also listed on the practitioner support page HERE

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