Creating a Client Package in the POC Platform

The Metabolic Code Point of Care (POC) platform features a built-in packages system which enables you to bill for one-time and recurring services, programs, products, and other offerings that you provide. 

You are able to fully customize the services offered, including the frequency (and amount) of payments. Additionally, you are able to apply promotional codes and track utilization of these codes for marketing and business purposes, as well as customize which packages are visible to your client, versus those you may use internally. The POC links with your bank account for you to collect payment from clients directly. 


  • Creating a new package
  • Package information
  • Included items
  • Pricing (one-time and recurring payments)
  • Enrolling a client in a package if they pay outside of the POC
  • Additional resources

Creating a new package #

Once you’ve linked your bank account within the POC, you’ll be able to create and sell packages to clients. You can create an unlimited number of packages. To get started: 

Navigate to Billing > Client Packages

Click Create New Package


Package Information  #

To start creating your package, you’ll need to fill out some basic details about your package. Your client will see some aspect of these details, such as the title, description, video (if you’ve included one), included items, and the price. 

Cover image 

A default image will automatically appear for your package. You can click on a thumbnail image to change the photo using the provided images, or you can upload your own image by clicking the Camera thumbnail. 

For best results with your package cover image, use an image with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a minimum size of 480 pixels by 270 pixels.

Package Title

You will be asked to give your package a name. If you make your package discoverable to clients, they will see the package name. 


Write a description of your package (you can always edit your description later on). There is a maximum character length of 300 characters for description to ensure descriptions fit nicely when package is embedded externally. If you’d like to provide a longer description, please add this as text onto your website, outside of the POC. 

Introduction Video 

A great way to sell your package is to include a personalized video for your client/prospect to watch. Record your video and upload it to Loom, Vimeo, or Youtube. Once uploaded, you can obtain the “sharing URL” and paste it into your the package field. 

When your client views your package, they’ll be able to see, and play, your video. 

Client Settings

You can optionally make a package not visible, which makes it only visible to clients when you share a specific link with them, but not when they log into your POC. For example, you may want to keep a package hidden if you work with eating disorder and weight management clients, and do not want your eating disorder clients to see any packages including weight loss services. In a planned update, you will be able to make each package visible only to select groups, which will further allow you to control which packages your clients can view. 

Select Group 

You can optionally tie a package to a specific group. This means that when a client buys this particular package they are placed in that group.  For each client package you create, you can select a client group to be associated with it. You may also leave the field blank if you desire. Learn more about managing client groups. 

You’ll also see two additional settings options that you may enable or disable by checking the box: 

  1. Have all new clients or clients without a client group move into your selected group. 
  2. Have all existing clients move from their current group into your selected group. 

Note: if a client moves into a new group, and you have any NEW paperwork/intake flows associated with that group, your client will be prompted to complete those new forms. If they have already completed the forms, they will not be asked again. If you do not want your client to change groups or complete any new paperwork when they purchase a package, uncheck the box on the corresponding settings feature. 

Included Items #

Enter appointment sessions that this package includes, which pulls directly from Appointment Types that you have set up (under Settings). If you do not enter any appointment types, your package will still be purchasable, but will not be tied to any sessions. 

Appointment Sessions

If you would like to include appointment(s) within your package, simply scroll through the list and locate the appointment type you’d like to add (ie. initial consultation). Type in the box, or use the (+) sign to add the appointment. You can add multiple sessions if you’d like (ie. 4 follow-up sessions). 

Require appointment booking during package purchase

If you check this settings box, it will enable you to indicate sessions that can be booked by your client while they are purchasing a package. Check off “Bookable” next to the specific included appointments that you’d like your client to see while booking. 

Only one appointment type can be booked by a client while purchasing a package, so if there is a specific appointment you’d like your client to book FIRST, then you may want to make only that appointment-type “Bookable” 

For example: 

  • You’ve created a “3 Months to Wellness” package including an initial consultation and 2 follow-up sessions. 
  • You select “Require appointment booking during package purchase” 
  • You check the box “Bookable” next to “Initial Consultation” within the package details (and leave the follow-up sessions not checked/bookable) 
  • When you share this package with your client, they will be prompted to pay for their package AND book their initial consultation through the same flow. 

Note: when you create your appointment-types, you indicate whether your appointment can be booked by clients. When you add this appointment to a package, your preferences will be reflected as such. If you created the appointment-type as “not bookable” then you will see an indicator “This appointment type is set to not be bookable by clients.” Learn how to edit and change this appointment setting. 


If your package is recurring, you can automatically have specific appointments also renew for your client (eliminating the need to create multiple packages). 

Returning to our “3 Months to Wellness” example, if you’ve included an initial consultation + 2 follow-up sessions, you can set your “follow-ups” only to renew — which will give your client new credit for follow-ups each time the package is purchased.

Including Programs (Diet delivery)

You may also choose to incorporate a Program into your package or labs for your client to order electronically. Add multiple programs or labs if desired. 

If a client purchases a package containing a program, they will be automatically enrolled in the program. 

Pricing (one time & recurring)  #

Payments are made automatically using the client’s card on file

Billing Frequency 

You can set up one-time or recurring payments for a Client Package. Frequency options include: 

  • One time 
  • Weekly 
  • Biweekly (every 2 weeks) 
  • Monthly 
  • Quarterly (every 3 months) 
  • Yearly 

In a recurring payment, the client will pay the price you indicated at the frequency set (ie. $400 monthly) which will automatically charge to your client’s credit card on file. A single package can only have 1 payment frequency; if you would like to offer the same package with multiple payment frequencies, you will need to copy the package and adjust the payment frequency details on the second version of the package.

Recurring payments are charged to your client based on the date that they purchased their package. For example, if they purchased a weekly recurring package on a Friday, they will be charged the following Friday automatically. 

Your client will automatically receive a confirmation email/receipt of their purchase after every transaction. If the payment did not go process, you will receive a notification, and can review ” Failed Payments” within the POC. Note: If a recurring payment (autopay) can not be processed to the client’s credit card on file, the provider will need to manually charge the client separately for the fee. 

Number of Billing Periods 

Indicate how many times you’d like your package to automatically renew. For example. If you’ve created a “3 Months to Wellness” package, you can set it to recur monthly, for (3) months. 

Enable different price for first payment 

If you’d like the first payment of a package to be higher or lower than subsequent payments in a package. If you select this option, the amount that you enter must be a different $ than the other payments made in that package. 

Stripe’s credit card processing fee 

There is a credit card processing fee via our integration partner, Stripe. Metabolic Code will calculate and display the amount you’ll be paid post-processing fee. This amount will automatically be transferred into the bank account that you’ve linked in the POC.Learn more about credit card processing fees and receiving payments in the POC, see our knowledge center. 

Additionally, you can enable clients to “gift” a package to another person. This setting is available in the “Pricing” details > “Allow purchasing this package as a gift” 

Learn more about gifting packages in the knowledge center. 

Enrolling a client in a package if they pay outside of the POC #

There may be instances in which a client pays you cash, or has purchased a package outside of POC’s processing system. There is still an advantage in enrolling the client in your package, for example to ensure they have credits, can book appointments, and are enrolled in your programs. 

In this instance:

  • Create a promo code of 100% and naming it “OUTSIDEPAYMENT100”
  • Enroll your client in the package and apply the promo code

Additional resources #

Practitioner Support: Submit your questions through the form on the Support page HERE

POC Weekly Training: Join one of our weekly trainings to ask questions and work through settings. Link to upcoming events is also listed on the practitioner support page HERE

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