Product Inventory Management

The Inventory Management Feature enables businesses to add products and keep track of items. With this feature, you can:

  • Track your inventory quantity
  • Include Products in client packages for clients to purchase alongside services, programs, and sessions that you offer. Products purchased through client packages can be automatically deducted from your inventory, which allows for real-time and accurate, inventory management. 

You can use this to keep track of any product that you offer, including but not limited to, medical supplies, health products, supplements, branded products, and more. Keeping track of inventory is important to help protect your company from both monetary and product losses, by keeping an updated and accurate log of products and supplies. 


Adding Products to Your Inventory  #

You can find your “Products” tab located in Billing > Products. You’ll be prompted to add your first item or service. Healthie allows you to add an unlimited amount of items to your Products page. 

Example products that can be managed via inventory: 

  • Supplements (use this only if you offer supplements outside of Healthie’s Fullscript integration
  • Lab test kits (ie. food sensitivity kits) 
  • Branded company items (shirts, water bottles) 
  • Physical health & wellness items (ie. smart scales, wearable fitness trackers, etc) 
  • Metabolism tests (or other services where each utilization requires new equipment) 
  • Digital items and educational resources (ie. eBooks) 

Add Product Name 

Create a limit for an item, or set as “unlimited” to track inventory amounts. If you intend to sell your product(s) via packages, please be mindful that the product name will be visible for clients. 


You have the option to give your item a price, or to mark it as FREE. When adding a dollar amount, please exclude the $ symbol — you only need to enter the numerical value (ie. 200 not $200). 

Inventory Amount

You can choose to keep track of the actual quantity of your items, or set the inventory as “unlimited.” If you’ve added a product to a client package, the quantity can automatically deduct from the total with each package purchase. We’ll review adding products to packages below.  

Editing a Product  #

Revising your products is simple. Navigate to your Products page (Billing > Products). 

You’ll see a list of your items. Click the actions tab (three dots) to the right of the item you’d like to revise > select Edit from the drop-down. From here you’ll be able to change the name, pricing, or availability of your item. 

If you are manually keeping track of your physical products for inventory purposes, this is how you can update your stock/quantity per item. 

Adding Products to the POC Packages for Sale  #

If you’d like to sell your products directly to consumers, you can do so by adding your product as an included item within a client package. Create a package for a single product, or bundle items with appointments, eLabs, and programs. Your products can add value to your client packages, and help drive revenue for your business. 

Additionally, when a product is included within a client package, inventory will automatically deduct at the time the package is purchased. This will allow for accurate, real-time inventory management. 

To add a product to a client package:

  •  Navigate to Billing > Client Packages 
  • Edit an existing package, or create a new package
  • Under “Included Items” tab > scroll to the “Products” section
  • Select your product from the drop-down (it must first be added to your Products page) 

Item Quantity 

You can select the quantity per item that you would like to include in this package. For your convenience, your current inventory amount will display below the Quantity field. 

When “Deduct quantity” is selected, the quantity of this item will automatically be deducted from the product’s inventory amount. Uncheck this setting if you do not want to have real-time inventory management. 

Pricing for a product item 

By default, the price that you set for a product within inventory management will automatically populate within the pricing field. 

You can choose to adjust this pricing as needed while adding the product to your package. Changing the pricing within a package for a product will NOT change the inventory listing price. 

In the next step of creating your package, you’ll be prompted to set a payment amount and payment terms for your package. The amount of your product is NOT automatically included in the package price, you will need to adjust the total amount of the package to account for your included items. More on this in the next section. 

Sales Tax & Additional Fees  #

At this time, Healthie does not automatically add sales taxes for products or services. Keep this in mind when setting the rate for your packages. Your business attorney or accountant can help you determine how much to mark-up your prices to calculate for state/federal taxes. Additionally, provider’s are responsible for calculating rates for any shipping or fees that may be included in fulfilling an order. 

You can adjust the pricing of the package (overall) as needed — for example, if you wish to mark-up your pricing to account for taxes or fees (ie. shipping costs) you can included your product item at it’s base cost, but mark up the price of your package to account for these added costs. 

For your convenience, as you complete the pricing tab of your client package, Healthie automatically displays the total payment amount you’ll receive after Stripe processing fees. 

When purchasing, your client will only see the total amount of the package, they will not be able to see any breakdown of included payments. If you’d like to clarify any of details, we suggest including information in the product description (ie. a shipping fee of $5.99 included in the total cost of your package). Example below. 

Keeping Track of Purchased Products  #

As products must be sold as an item within a package, the best way to keep track of purchased products is to review purchased packages. 

Here are some ways to stay informed on your purchases: 

  • Ensure that your notifications are turned ON to receive an email notification when a package has been purchased
  • Regularly run your Payments Report to track all purchased packages, and subsequently fulfill your product orders

Product Fulfillment  #

Healthie does not manage product fulfillment at this time. This remains the responsibility of providers, to deliver the purchased product to the customer/client. To stay informed on products that have been purchased by reviewing package purchases. 

Indicators will show providers if you’re running low on an inventory (on the inventory management page).  A forthcoming update will include proactive notifications for providers when stock is running low on inventory products. 

As a best practice, we recommend reviewing your inventory page frequently, and updating your product stock as needed to keep items available. Any Healthie package containing an inventory product will remain purchasable by clients, even if the stock level is 0. 

If you are out of stock of a product, and wish NOT to make it available to sell via a package you’ve created, we suggest the following options: 

  • Edit your package to be “Not Visible” to clients > this will prevent the package from being self-discoverable by clients. However, if you’ve shared a direct link to this package, clients can still return to that link. 
  • Archive your package 
  • Edit your package to remove the product as an included item

Planned Updates #

Following our initial release of inventory management, several follow-up updates are planned to further enhance your experience with inventory management, including: 

  • More proactive notifications for providers when stock is running low on inventory products.
  • Ability to add items into an invoice to sell. For now only can sell inventory items via packages. If you do need to invoice a client > add as an “other” item in the invoice, and then manually deduct the item from your inventory (structured invoice update to follow). 


Additional resources #

Practitioner Support: Submit your questions through the form on the Support page HERE

POC Weekly Training: Join one of our weekly trainings to ask questions and work through settings. Link to upcoming events is also listed on the practitioner support page HERE

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