Share a Single Client Package

Client Packages within the Point of Care (POC) Platform allow you to curate the services you offer and share these with clients. There are multiple ways that you can advertise your package offerings, including on your website, in newsletters and on social media, or sent directly to a specific client. 

The POC makes it easy to create sharable links (that can be embedded or sent as a link). You are also able to share all of our packages at once, or share some / just one package at a time with a single link. 


  • How to pull URL / Embed for a single package
  • Client experience
  • Use cases for sharing a single package
  • Group Practices / Organizations

How to pull URL / Embed for a single package #

To share a single package, Navigate to Billing > Client Packages > Find Single Package > Share 

You will see two options: 

1. Add to Website:  Copying this “embed” code will generate code that can be placed on your website, built-into your webpage. Clients are then able to purchase your package and book an appointment directly through your website, and a client account will automatically be created in your POC platform. This code shows just 1 package, and is distinct from pulling all packages to add onto your website. 

Note: If you are using WordPress, please make sure that you have a maximum of 1 bracket in your URL embedded link, otherwise WordPress may break your link. Submit a support ticket HERE if you need more help. 

2. Sharing Link:  If you would like to share a package on a newsletter, social media post, or as a button on your website, select the “Sharing Link” tab. This generates a clickable URL that will show your package in a web browser tab. Clients are prompted to follow steps for filling out their billing information to purchase the package, and book a session. 

This URL shows just 1 package. If you’d like a single URL to show multiple, but not all packages, follow these instructions.

Client experience #

When a client clicks on your package link, they’ll be able to enter their information including name, email, phone number and credit card to purchase your package. If the client is not yet have an account, an account will automatically be created for them. If a client already has an account, purchasing a package will associate the package with their existing account, as long as they enter the same email address when purchasing the package as is used for their POC account.

If you’ve associated any Groups with your client package, your client will be taken through the intake flow you’ve attached with this group. Clients will automatically receive email confirmations of their package purchase and be taken through the onboarding experience you’ve set up.

Existing clients can log in to their POC account to purchase a package. They’ll see available packages that you’ve made visible to clients under the “Billing” icon on the POC website. For packages you’ve kept hidden, you can send the link directly to a client for them to purchase, or you can charge them for a package from your end.

Use cases for sharing a single package #

Here are some ways you can share a specific package link: 
  • Link a button on your website if you want to maintain longer descriptions of each package on your website
  • Send in an email blast promoting a specific package
  • Post on social media
  • Include a highlighted package in a digital newsletter
  • Send directly to a client via Chat or email after you have spoken with them
  • Share a package in an intake form  

Group Practices / Organizations #

If you have multiple providers in your business, you can create a link specific to certain providers and certain packages. Learn more in the knowledge center. 

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