How to Cancel a Lab or Questionnaire Order

You may need to cancel an order for the following reasons #

  • The client decided to not complete the program and has not submitted the questionnaire yet*
  • A mistake was made when creating an order.  For example:
    • The incorrect gender was selected in the client’s profile and an order was place with the incorrect panel and questionnaire for that gender (lab panels and questionnaires are gender-specific)
    • The client’s date of birth was entered into the demographics incorrectly and the lab order was already placed. Quest cannot match a result if the DOB on the order doesn’t match the patient’s identification card presented at the Quest service center.
    • Additional lab markers were left out of the initial order.

*If the client completed the questionnaire, the order cannot be canceled from the practitioner’s view even if labs have not posted yet. In this case you will need to reach out to our support team to cancel the order:

Please fill out the form at the bottom of the support page with details of the order and reason for cancelation.

How to Cancel a Questionnaire Order #

  • Check the status of the questionnaire by looking at the Order’s Details. If the Questionnaire has not been submitted, the order can be canceled.
  • To cancel the order, click the Cancel button located at the top right of the screen.

Canceling an order due to incorrect gender or Date of Birth (DOB) #

If the client’s gender or date of birth was not entered accurately, contact the patient immediately to determine if they have had their labs drawn and whether they have already completed their questionnaire.
  • If the questionnaire has already been answered, but labs have not been drawn yet:
    • Contact the client immediately and instruct the them NOT to go to draw center (PSC), throw away the first requisition, and let them know you will send a NEW requisition to their email
    • Make the appropriate updates to the patient information (DOB/Gender) by selecting the client from the list and then selecting the Edit button on their record and remember to Save your changes
  • Create a new order and if the client has recently (within 30 days) completed a gender-specific questionnaire you may choose the option to Reuse Previous Questionnaire. Otherwise, the client will need to fill out a new questionnaire for his/her correct gender. IMPORTANT: because questionnaires are also gender specific, if the client’s gender was initially incorrect and the questionnaire was completed,  it will be invalid to use for future orders.
  • Contact customer support to cancel the incorrect order:
  • Finally, instruct the patient to check their email for the new order. If labs were ordered, then the patient will receive a separate email with the requisition as an attachment. The requisition should be printed and brought to the Quest Patient Service Center (PSC) to present at the time of the blood draw.

Still have questions? Contact us using the support form and someone from our team will get back to you asap. SUPPORT FORM

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