Create and Order Supplement Protocol for Client Using the Web Store

  1. View report and scroll to supplement recommendation page
    • Supplements will be sorted by top ranking TRIADS in this client’s report. 
    • Depending on the questionnaire, report, your knowledge, and the client’s budget, you will have to decide which supplements to recommend. 

2. Using a new tab in your browser, open up the Practitioner Product Guide from the website HERE (make sure you are logged in with your practitioner account in order to see the practitioner area)

3. Using the first column, find the supplements that were in the report. In the second column you will see if there is a new formulation and recommendation available. Note the links to the right where you can  Download the product monograph, watch the educational video, or add view the product in the store by clicking on the Shop Now link for the product. This will take you to the product page where you can add it to your cart.

4. Once you have your order for the client ready in the cart icon in the top right corner. Scroll down to proceed to checkout. Please note that at the moment Share Cart is not operable.

5. Next, you will fill out shipping details:

  • If placing a wholesale order, you will fill out the billing and shipping details on the left side of the form. 
  • If you are drop shipping the order to a client or patient, you will fill out the billing and shipping details on the right side of the form. 
  • The drop shipped order will not include an invoice. Please bill for the supplements through your own POS system. 
6. Finally, scroll down to locate the final wholesale total. Enter your business credit card information here, and either drop ship to the client using a different shipping address or ship it to your practice where the order can be picked up or sold off the shelf. IMPORTANT: Do not enter your client’s credit card number here or you will only collect the wholesale total and not the MSRP.
  • It is recommended that you invoice your customer for the full MSRP value of the order
  • Practitioners are responsible for tracking sales tax on all orders and sales at this time. Please check with your county and state for guidelines.We also recommend that you submit a tax reseller agreement to simplify the process
  • Practitioners can send invoices from the within the POC if enrolled but keep in mind that there is an internal Stripe processing fee of 3% (subject to change according to Stripe’s policies)

After filling out the credit card information, click the Submit Order button.You will then receive an email confirmation that your order has been placed and then again when it ships.



  • We do not have auto-ship available at this time
  • At this time, this store is for practitioners only. Clients cannot re-order or manage their orders, or status.
  • If you have questions about order status or any issues with orders please submit a support form.

Still have questions? Contact us using the support form and someone from our team will get back to you asap. SUPPORT FORM

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