Adding a Patient to Assessment Platform

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Please view video below, or follow the written steps:

Can be done through:
      A. Dashboard- Green “Add Patient” button:

     B. From “Patients” Tab- Blue “+Add” button

Once the “New Patient” page comes up:

  1. Enter the required information (First, Last name, Gender, Email, Phone, and DOB) in the appropriate fields:

2. Once done entering the necessary information, please select “Create” for the patient’s profile to be created in your account.

*Important Notes to make*

– Our system identifies patients by their email address to abide by HIPPA. Patients will not be able to share email addresses. 

– The “Current Prescriptions” and “Recent Medical Conditions” are note taking fields. Any information included here will NOT be interpreted in the Report. 

– If you check off the box next to the “With Address”, “Has Insurance”, and “Has Credit Card” sections it will allow you to enter that information at the time you are setting up the patient. 


Additional resources #

Practitioner Support: Submit your questions through the form on the Support page HERE

POC Weekly Training: Join one of our weekly trainings to ask questions and work through settings. Link to upcoming events is also listed on the practitioner support page HERE

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