Store, Add, or Change Client’s Card on File

The Point-of-Care (POC)  enables you to store client payment information and hold it securely within the platform. This can be useful for charging clients for Packages, collecting payment for co-pays, deductibles, and other office payments, and enforcing cancellation policies. The POC’s payment processor accepts credit cards (including Amex, Discover, Visa, Mastercard, and others), Debit cards, and HSA / FSA cards. 


  • Add card for a specific client
  • Storing Multiple cards on file for a client
  • Delete a card / not storing a card
  • View a client’s card information on file

Add card for a specific client #

To add a card for a specific client, go to the Client’s profile and click “Add Card” in the billing box. You will be prompted to enter a client’s card number, expiration date, CVC code, and Zip Code. After you submit this information, for client security and PCI-compliance reasons, you will not be able to access the full card number again. The system will prevent you from entering an invalid number, as you will not be able to “Submit” the card unless it is a valid number. 

Note: If you are trying to charge a client for a service (in Billing > Client Packages) and you do not see your Client’s Name in a drop down, your Client’s Card Information has not been entered into our system. Please go to their specific client profile, and Add Card in order to charge them. 

Billing Info as part of Intake Form

If you would like clients to enter their card information, you can request this as part of their onboarding process. Add the form “Billing Info” to your Intake Flow. When a client enters this information, the card will be stored on file. Clients are not charged anything when completing the Billing Info Form. 

Storing multiple cards on file for a client #

There may be instances in which you would like to store multiple cards on file for a single client. This may be because the client has multiple cards that they’ll use for different services, and/or you accept HSA / FSA, and would like to have that information on file as well. 

If you would like to store multiple cards on file for a client, navigate to the Client profile > Overview > Billing where you will see the cards on file for a client. 

If you click on “Add Payment Card” you will see a slider on the right-hand side of your screen, where you will be prompted to add the new card on file, and indicate whether it is HSA / FSA or Personal (debit or credit). 

If you change the default card of payment for a client, and the client has a recurring subscription, there will be no interruption in their payment schedule. 

Note: If your client has missed payments while using their previous payment information, their new payment information will not be billed for those missed payments. We recommend that you manually charge clients for these missed payments. 

Delete a card / not storing a card #

When a client enters a credit card, the system will automatically securely store this information for future use, and for the convenience of you and your client. Moreover, if a client is logged into their POC account, and attempts to purchase a package from your website, the system will intelligently detect that the client has a card on file from previous use with you, and can elect to use this card, or enter a new card. Note: This only occurs if the client is logged in, on another active window, to their POC account. 

If you would like to remove a client’s card, please click “Remove” which will permanently remove the client’s card from your connected account. Please note that if there are future payments scheduled for a client, and there is no active payment method, the client will NOT be charged. 

View a client’s card information on file #

You are able to view the last 4 digits of your client’s credit card on file in the billing section of a Client’s profile. As part of maintaining Level 1 PCI compliance via Stripe, after a client’s card information is initially entered, it is no longer visible to you, your client, or anyone else. It is not possible to pull the full payment information. 

Additional resources #

Practitioner Support: Submit your questions through the form on the Support page HERE

POC Weekly Training: Join one of our weekly trainings to ask questions and work through settings. Link to upcoming events is also listed on the practitioner support page HERE

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