Create a Free Appointment and Package

There may be instances in which you’d like to create a Booking Link that is free, in order to offer a free consultation for prospective clients. In this instance, you likely want to make sure they do not need an existing account with your POC to sign up with you, and in general, minimize the steps required to book a session. This is commonly used for free consultations, free webinars, and complimentary phone calls. This can also apply to webinars held via Zoom that you’d like to host. 


  • Build your Free Package / Session
  • Share your Free Package
  • Tying this to Intake Forms & Groups
  • Client Experience

Build a free package or session #

  • Create a new Appointment Type; we recommend titling it “Initial Appointment” or “Discovery Call” or “15 minute Intro Session”. Be sure to indicate whether you’d like this to be a phone call or video call. 
  • Create a new Client Package; we recommend giving it the same name as your Appointment Type created above. 
  • Put a cost of $0.00. 
  • Include the 1 appointment type that you created above.

Share your Free Package #

  • Share this package on your website, a blog post, in your email signature, or on social media. 
  • If a client DOES NOT have an account connected with you, they will NOT be prompted to create an account prior to booking / purchasing. They will be able to book this session simply by entering their basic information. 
  • If a client DOES have an account connected with you, they will not be prompted to log in, but the POC will detect that they already exist in your system, and avoid creating a duplicate client account. 

Both you and your client will receive an automated e-mail from the POC when they have booked a session (and enrolled in your free package). A new client will automatically be added to your Client List. 

Tying this to Intake Forms & Groups #

You may not want prospective clients to complete your standard set of intake forms until after this initial discovery call has been completed. Or, you may have a basic form for a client to complete, but not your full suite of forms. Here are instructions to set up a custom Intake Flow for Discovery Clients:

Step 1: Create a Group called “Prospective Clients” or “Discovery” (wording is your choice)

Step 2: Create an intake flow and match it to the client group that you created in Step 1. Providers will typically include a shortened version of their intake form, a HIPAA-privacy notice, and sometimes insurance request form. Some even choose to have clients complete NO paperwork, in which case the intake flow created should have NO forms. 

After a successful discovery call, if you would like clients to fill out your standard set of intake forms, you can move them into another group that contains the intake forms they’ll need to fill out. 

Client Experience #

When a client books a discovery session with you from your external link, they will receive an e-mail notification with details of their upcoming session with you. They will be prompted to view details, log into the POC, and complete forms that you’ve designated for them to complete. 

If your discovery session is being held over the POC Video call, your client will need to log into the web platform or mobile app. If your scheduled session / webinar is being held via Zoom, your client never needs to log in, as their appointment reminder e-mail will contain the Zoom link, that they can join directly. 

Additional resources #

Practitioner Support: Submit your questions through the form on the Support page HERE

POC Weekly Training: Join one of our weekly trainings to ask questions and work through settings. Link to upcoming events is also listed on the practitioner support page HERE

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