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Track Water Intake

Water Intake Tracking is an optional setting in the POC that enables clients to log their daily water intake. Providers can set a target water

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Food Journaling

Within their POC portal, clients can log photos of their meals, and note indicators such as meal healthiness, hungriness, mood, and more. Providers have the

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Dexcom Data

Metabolic Code’s integration with Dexcom blood glucose monitors enables clients to regularly pull in blood glucose metrics, for you as a provider to view within

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ClearStep Data

Metabolic Code integrates with Shapa & ClearStep products to enable providers to seamlessly view client records for key health metrics, directly within Metabolic Code POC. 

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Withings Data

Metabolic Code’s integration with Withings enables clients to regularly pull in weight, blood pressure, heart rate, and sleep, for you as a provider to view

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MyFitnessPal Data

MyFitnessPal information can be combined with your utilization of Metabolic Code POC in two ways: A Client can sync their Fitbit with their MyFitnessPal account,

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Google Fit Data

Metabolic Code POC integrates with Google Fit to enable clients to sync their Google Fit app data with Metabolic Code, and for a provider to

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Apple Health Data

Metabolic Code integrates with Apple Health to enable clients to sync their Apple Health app with the POC, and for a provider to view metric

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Fitbit Data

The POC syncs with client Fitbit devices to automatically pull Health metrics into their client profiles, for you as a provider to view within their

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Product Inventory Management

The Inventory Management Feature enables businesses to add products and keep track of items. With this feature, you can: Track your inventory quantity Include Products in client

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POC Account Settings

Within the Point-of-Care (POC), the Settings section of your account enables you to select your preference and customize your experience. Learn how to add your

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POC Security and Privacy

The Point-of-Care (POC) is HIPAA, PIPEDA, AUS Privacy Act, CCPA, and GDPR Compliant This Point-of-Care (POC) Platform meets medical-grade security and privacy protections to secure

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Getting Started: Programs

The POC’s Programs Feature enables you to automatically distribute pre-loaded content to clients over a cadence of time. Content may include videos, quizzes, handouts, and

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Client Invoices

The Point-of-Care’s (POC) Invoicing Platform allows providers to send invoices to clients for specific one-time payment instances, outside of Client Packages. IN THIS ARTICLE: When

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