Somavedic Titanium Pyramid, Small



Titanium pyramid is one of the most powerful positive energetic tools today



Small pyramid:

Dimensions: 6x6cm (2.36″ x 2.36″)

Weight: ca. 200g (7oz)

Titanium pyramid is one of the most powerful positive energetic tools today
We are the only ones in the world who make a titanium pyramid
The solid structure is 99.84% pure titanium
Apart from other things, the pyramid can also be used to stimulate alternative harmonizing and regeneration processes
The energy field potential of the titanium pyramid exceeds up to 500 times the energy and vibration power of a pyramidal formation, which is not made of titanium
The electron shell of the atomic nucleus of this element is amazingly able to communicate with the cellular system of not only human bodies but also animal bodies and possibly even plants
Titanium does not oxidize it is the only element inert to a human organism: it doesn’t cause any allergic reactions and is therefore used for the production of implants in the health-care industry

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