There are over 850,000 chemicals in the environment that we may come into contact with in our modern lives. From air pollutants, cleaning products, pesticides, plastics, food, personal products, they are in escapable. Our bodies are working 24/7 to help capture and release these toxins before they cause damage cells, tissues, and organs. It is very important to support your body in this process daily, and no that doesn’t mean a 5 day juice cleanse.

Here are 5 ways you can support your body daily in the detoxification process:

– Our bodies excrete toxins either by urine or feces, staying hydrated helps keep things flowing

– Get pH testing strips to make sure that you stay in the normal range. If you are too acidic that will prevent the toxins from being excreted properly, they will then recirculate in the body and cause oxidative stress and damage to the system. 

– We know you’ve heard this before, but we can’t say it enough. Getting nutrients and fiber from your diet is very important. If you need some guidance in learning to eat healthier please look into the Metabolic Code® Diet which we developed to target key metabolic issues that we’ve seen over the last 40 years. 

– There are many sources of protein to fit any lifestyle. This will help supply your body with the proper amino acids it needs in the daily detoxification process. 

– Even food just isn’t what it used to be. Some supplementation may be necessary to assist your body. For detoxification the best nutrients are Fulvic Acid, Cilantro, Chlorella. Please discuss with your practitioner if you need to go through a proper detoxification process based on your Metabolic Code® Report and recent Labs. 


Metabolic TRIADS® to Pay Attention to:

When it comes to the integrity of your immune system all TRIADS are important here are just two that you should take extra care in supporting when you want to build your resiliency to colds, flus, and virus’. Below you will find supplements that can help support these two key TRIADS. 

Triad 1: Endurance (Cardio, Pulmonary, Neuro-Vascular) This TRIAD contains the drainage organs of the liver, lymph, and kidneys which form a functional unit for detoxification and eliminationmetabolic processing and removal, and enzymatic activities. They allow us to thrive in a toxic world. When Triad 4 is in harmony, there is a smooth flow of substrates and emotions, and when out of balance inflammation, stagnation, and retention ensues.

Find out how your five Metabolic TRIADS stack up by getting a Metabolic Code® assessment and report done with one the practitioners in our nation wide network. This will give you honest insight into where your health is today, and where you’re headed in the years to come. Click here to get a sample report.

Diet & Lifestyle Recommendations:

If you change your diet, you can change your life. Our Metabolic Code® Diet programs have been crafted by our in-house dietitians to help you reset your metabolic systems and get your looking good and feeling better in as little as two weeks. Curious? Get some free resources to help you get started.

These Supplements Support Proper Detoxification:

Quality supplements, that work, and are backed by research. These supplements are available only through a Metabolic Code® Practitioner. 

Phase 3 Complete Detox

This supplement delivers an easy-to-use, all-in-one intestinal binder that has an extremely broad range in its ability to bind toxins to ensure proper completion of detoxification.

Detox Accelerator

It contains sodium alginate that aids in the removal of toxic metals, as well as fulvic and humate to support the transfer of minerals into the cells.


Mycobind is specifically used in Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) and biotoxin illnesses. Helps to remove inflammatory cytokines and compounds that are produced in CIRS. MycoBind supports TRIAD 2 immune issues and TRIAD 4 detoxification issues.

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Consumers: Think you could benefit from these products? Talk to your Metabolic Code® practitioner today or reach out to us to get connected with a practitioner in our network. 

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