The holidays are here! We want to help you cook up a delicious and healthy holiday meal that everyone will love. In this episode of BOOM or BUST, Laura shares 6 products that are essential for your kitchen this season. You will feel the difference!

If you’re like most people, the holidays can unravel all the hard work you’ve put into your health over the past year. You give your self a “pass” to indulge in nostalgic favorites but it quickly spirals out of control causing food immune reactivities to get triggered, inflammation to rise, and weight to steadily go up. By the time January rolls around you have to start from the beginning. This year stick to your healthy way of eating, while still enjoying the flavors of the season!

Here are our go to gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free substitutes!

Shopping List:

– Nature’s Charm Evaporated Coconut Milk

– Imagine Portobello Mushroom Soup

– Spectrum Organic All-Vegetable Shortening

– Krustez Gluten-Free Flour

– Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener Sugar Replacement

– Lakanto Chocolate Chips

You can find this at your local grocery store, Thrive market online, and Amazon Pantry.

FREE Healthy Holiday Recipe Guide

We’re put together a Healthy Holiday guide for you that includes strategies for how to handle holiday parties and temptations, how to put together a healthy holiday menu, and 10 of our go-to healthy holiday recipes. From our table to yours! Happy Holidays!

Metabolic TRIADS® to Pay Attention to:

Our gut is our first line of defense in our immune system which is so critical to your help to maintain the integrity and health of the gut lining and microflora. Learn more about TRIAD 2 system and how your gut is intimately connected to your brain and immune function. Further down you will find supplements that can help support TRIAD 2. 

Triad 2: Resiliency (Gut – Immune – Brain) is comprised of the digestive tract, immune system, and the central nervous system. Together, these intelligent body systems make moment-to-moment decisions with regard to absorption and assimilation, and set key boundaries physically, immunologically, and mentally. When Triad 2 is normal, the person feels organized and secure within themselves and their environment, and when out of balance, this physiologic network becomes disordered and unpredictable. 

Find out how your five Metabolic TRIADS stack up by getting a Metabolic Code® assessment and report done with one the practitioners in our nation wide network. This will give you honest insight into where your health is today, and where you’re headed in the years to come. Click here to get a sample report.

Diet & Lifestyle Recommendations:

If you change your diet, you can change your life. Our Metabolic Code® Diet programs have been crafted by our in-house dietitians to help you reset your metabolic systems and get your looking good and feeling better in as little as two weeks. Curious? Get some free resources to help you get started.

Try Our New Supplement Line:

Quality supplements, that work, and are backed by research. These supplements are available only through a Metabolic Code® Practitioner. 

The following supplements are formulated specifically to support TRIAD 2 (GUT-IMMUNE-BRAIN)


 Sunfiber® supports a healthy digestive tract by providing fiber, estrogen and testosterone metabolism in the GUT, healthy lipid levels, and a healthy metabolism and weight.

Pro Flora Max+

Blend of the potent and effective probiotics. Also offers prebiotic support. 


Designed to help balance the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract as well as targets restoring the tight junctions of the gastrointestinal barrier. 

Practitioners:  You will find these products in the supplement store on this site. Learn more about these products in depth by visiting the Pro Resource Center.  You must be logged into your account this page as well as the store. Log into your practitioner portal here. Once logged you will see the appropriate links in the main navigation.

Consumers: Think you could benefit from these products? Talk to your Metabolic Code® practitioner today or reach out to us to get connected with a practitioner in our network. 

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