Is cholesterol important, should you pay attention to only it if it’s high? Or, is it something you can skip over on your next annual? In today’s Metabolic Minute® you’ll learn why paying attention to cholesterol is still important, but why the relationship it has to metaflammation is key. 

Why do lipids matter?
Cardiovascular disease is still the biggest killer of Americans.  It’s been perplexing because even people who do not have high cholesterol can have a heart attack.  Yet higher levels of cholesterol are definitely associated with increased risk.  What we’re learning is your risk is not just from lipid levels, but the different subtypes of heart related lab markers, including some that show how metabolically inflamed you are.  The more inflamed you are the more you create bad actor lipids, such as oxidized (rusted) LDL cholesterol which can damage the inside of your arteries over time, and the inflammation itself can increase your health risks.

What do I do if my lipids are elevated?
– Do an advanced lipid screen.
– Check your lipid particle size and numbers 
– Check for oxidized LDL 
– Look at myeloperoxidase
– Check apolipoprotein b and lipoprotein a 

These markers will help you get a more accurate assessment of where you truly stand with metabolic inflammation, your cardiovascular risk and what changes you need to make in order to be healthie

Metabolic TRIADS® to Pay Attention to:

Triad 1: Endurance (Cardio, Pulmonary, Neuro-Vascular) This TRIAD includes the cardiopulmonary unit, autonomic nervous system, and the vascular tree. This TRIAD reflects the relationship of mind and heart, mediated by the respiratory cycle. When TRIAD 3 is balanced, the individual has plenty of metabolic resiliency and strength to meet the challenges of life. When levels are not in sync one can become inflamed and spasmodic. 

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Diet & Lifestyle Recommendations:

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