In this week’s Metabolic Minutetm we’re taking a look at seasonal allergies and how you can build up your internal defenses in order to become more resilient against environmental triggers like dust, weed, grass and other allergens. 

Your gut actually plays a key role in your allergy sensitivity. There is a mucosal barrier in your gut that is only 1 cell layer thick. If this gets compromised and becomes leaky, or more permeable, then allergens can easily sneak through it and into your blood stream, setting off a cascade of effects in your immune system that show up as allergy symptoms.

What can you do to keep your gut lining strong and healthy and reduce your allergy symptoms?

1. Take a quality probiotic. The right probiotic can reduce your symptoms and will support your gut lining to become healthier and more resilient with continued use. 

2. Clean up your diet. Reduce your sugar intake, make sure you’re getting fiber in your meal, and add resistant starch to your supplement routine to help with bloating, regular bowel movements and more.

3. Take Quercetin to help reduce histamine production without the drowsy side affects you get from other products.

4. Try an allergy mix which can help your immune system to work with the allergy and overtime retrain your body’s response to the trigger so that you don’t feel allergic symptoms.

Metabolic TRIADS® to Pay Attention to:

TRIAD 2: Resiliency (Gut – Immune – Brain) is comprised of the digestive tract, immune system, and the central nervous system. Together, these intelligent body systems make moment-to-moment decisions with regard to absorption and assimilation, and set key boundaries physically, immunologically, and mentally. When TRIAD 2 is normal, the person feels organized and secure within themselves and their environment, and when out of balance, this physiologic network becomes disordered and unpredictable.

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