In this week’s Metabolic Minute™ Jim discusses how CBD is helping athletes train smarter not harder. 

Many athletes end up crossing the line and overtraining which can cause a cascade of negative side effects in the mind and body. This can lead to more injuries, lowered performance, as well as more mental stress, tension, and anxiety. 

Performance Healthy & Recovery Benefits of CBD:
– Reduced Stress
– Reduced Nervousness
– Reduced Anxiety 
– Better Sleep
– Improved Immune Function 
– Inflammation Response
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Quality matters in CBD Products:
There are many products in the market, just like with supplements, quality is the most important factor to consider. 

Akeso water delivers on the promise of quality and transparency like no one else in the industry at the moment. With one scan you can see where the product was sourced and the testing results. You know that you are really getting what you paid for.

Akeso water uses a nano technology to infuse the CBD compounds into the water for a tasteless, colorless water.

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TruTrace Technology is a blockchain solution that finally gives us a glimpse inside the products we consume with a simple QR scan. With one scan you can see all the ingredients in the product, as well as the quality testing results. Ingredients can be tracked from the source to the final product, giving you total visibility into the whole supply chain.

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