Metabolic Code® Diet: 1800 Calorie Diet Plan


Our 3-phased 1800 calorie program helps you identify allergens, reduce inflammation, regulate blood sugar, lose weight and establish a healthy long-term lifestyle. This plan provides 2 weeks worth of MCD dietitian approved recipes!

Look Good, Feel Better Today.

The Metabolic Code® Diet 1800 calorie program contains:

  • The Carb Counting tool helps you quantify how many high glycemic carbs you eat in a day and will provide much needed insight on your current diet and what you most need to focus on with diet changes.
  • Our Phase 1 Diet Guide provides full info on our carb modified, low allergen eating plan, with our Day at A Glance eating guide and 2 week’s worth of recipes and foods ideas, which allows flexibility for your food preferences.
  • The recipes show serving sizes to take in an average of 1800 kcal per day, appropriate for 5’9″ and up (larger body sizes), but is just a general guide for intake, because calories are NOT the focus here.
  • The Food Eliminations guide helps you avoid hidden food allergens, and the Specialty Foods Guide gives name brand specific products that will help you stick to the allergen elimination by having products you need on hand from the start.
  • Our Metabolic Code® Diet My Plate guide summarizes all the info to show how to build lunch and dinner plates – quick and easy!
  • Phase 2 starts your diet customization process. We walk you through how to reintroduce foods while identifying possible intolerances and allergens.
  • Phase 3 teaches you how to maintain the results long term.


Metabolic Code Diet Disclaimer:

Information on this site is not intended as a substitute for the advice or medical care of a qualified health care professional. Any diet or nutrition program can affect your health and may carry risks. Always consult a qualified healthcare professional before changing your diet or beginning any exercise routine, especially if you are taking any medication.  Anyone with an existing disease, medical condition and/or on medication should consult with a qualified physician or health practitioner to make sure a change in diet or lifestyle can be safely undertaken.  Use of our program implies that you take responsibility for all risks inherent to diet and lifestyle programs.