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NEW! Metabolic Code®
Pro V2.0 Platform

Become a lifestyle center of excellence for your patients.

Our cloud-based point of care system is a virtual clinic that gives you the flexibility to manage labs, assessments, biometrics, and more for your patient. 

Over the last year we have been working on a full system revamp which we are excited to announce will be releasing soon. If the pandemic lockdown has taught us anything within our industry, it’s that this is our time for innovations in rapid diagnosis and virtual patient care to come forward, and the Metabolic Code® is ready to go.

In addition to our new Metabolic Code® assessment and reporting software, we’ve added new features that will provide more tools for better patient communication, streamlining your practice operations while saving you time and money.

Our goal with our new platform is to help you scale your practice to get better results and generate more revenue.

Metabolic Code® Is A Great Decision for Your Practice

Being a Metabolic Code practitioner allows you to: 

  • Improve dialog and enhanced outcomes with your patients 
  • Rapidly create strategic lifestyle action plans for your patients by combining biometrics, lab results, wearables and subjective patient information
  • Streamline your business and operate more efficiently
  • Comprehensive tools and training to implement proven lifestyle programs into your practice

What You Can Expect from Metabolic Code® V2.0

Here are just some of the new features, partnerships and benefits you will get from the NEW Metabolic Code® Pro V2.0.

NEW Software and Patient-Engagement Features

  • New interface for generating Metabolic Code® reports
  • Telehealth and virtual chat capability 
  • Office task management including online booking
  • Multi-lab integration including serum, saliva and urine testing
  • On-going patient bio-tracking via mobile office or at home kit

NEW Supplements and Beverages

  • New Metabolic Code® supplement and performance beverage line with proprietary formulations created specifically to support the different TRIADs 
  • Supplements you can’t find anywhere else. We’re proud to partner with leading manufacturers in the wellness industry
  • Verification for all Metabolic Code products using TruTrace Technologies blockchain registry
  • New shopping experience and website at

NEW Practitioner Onboarding, Training, Programs and Toolkits

  • Streamlined onboarding for getting practitioner partners up and running on the Metabolic Code® Pro V2.0 software
  • New and refreshed monographs
  • Deep-dive webinars, TRIAD training and case reviews
  • Programs including a Metabolic Code® Diet programs, lifestyle guides and fitness programs coming soon
  • Stay informed on the news that matters in health and performance with the new Metabolic Minute™ series
Get Started

Metabolic Code® is a personalized health evaluation program that creates a precise plan of action for people to live and feel better.

Enhance Your Practice

Our cloud-based point-of-care system makes it easy to manage patient information, generate personalized wellness plans, and deliver health products right to your patient’s doorstep.

Metabolic Code for you

Experience what so many others have done to rapidly improve their health and vitality long-term. We have lifestyle programs created for people with all types of goals and dietary needs.