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We want to make it easy for you to implement the Metabolic Code into your practice and start generating reports. Here we have provided you with marketing ideas, collateral, web assets, email templates and even legal contracts that you can use to get started right away. 

Please contact us if you have any questions, we’re happy to assist. 

About The Metabolic Code

The Metabolic Code Health Assessment and Vitality Report provides a thorough evaluation of a patient’s current health and identifies potential metabolic health risks through a comprehensive questionnaire, biometrics, and lab values. This cutting-edge report proposes a clinical protocol that the physician can implement to enhance patient care and adherence, supplement sales and new patient growth—all fundamental elements of a thriving, successful practice.

Metabolic Code takes the data collected from a patient’s biometrics, lab tests results and personal questionnaire responses to create a summary that organizes interdependent bodily systems into Triads. The MC Report will display the vulnerability within each Triad and provide lifestyle and supplement recommendations that are unique to the patient’s individualized needs. 

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Sample Reports

Here is information on how to best interpret the Metabolic Code Assessment reports for both Male and Female patients. Click on documents to download.
*Please also see FAQ document at the bottom of the page.

General information on interpreting reports:

PDF  Interpreting the Report

Click button to request sample report. 

Log into your practitioner account to access your Pro Resource Library where you’ll find case studies and more training how to guide a patient through the report. 

Metabolic Medicine® | Practitioner Training Videos

Integrating the Metabolic Code into Your Practice 

Dr. Kenneth Orbeck Discusses Integrating Metabolic Code into BHRT

Dr. Kenneth Orbeck Explains How Metabolic Code Helps Address His Patients’ Symptoms

TRIAD Training Videos 

Explore all 5 TRIADS here. Click on the lower right of the video to expand to full screen. 

CLICK HERE to learn more about TRIAD 1 . 

CLICK HERE to learn more about TRIAD 2 . 

CLICK HERE to learn more about TRIAD 3 . 

CLICK HERE to learn more about TRIAD 4. 

CLICK HERE to learn more about TRIAD 5 . 

Metabolic Code Diet

Once you have gone over the assessment report with the patient you can determine which diet would be appropriate for them. The Metabolic Code diet is key to a successful treatment plan and long term results for your patients. 

Here are some of the support materials you will receive to help guide your patients through the entire Metabolic Code Diet:

  • Phase 1: Meal plan – this comes in 6 versions so you can pick the one that is best suited for your patient.  
  • Specialty Foods: Guide to making healthy swaps that are MCD approved 
  • MCD Carb Counter: Awareness is key, we begin the MCD with knowing where exactly you are today and how many starches you consume on a regular day.
  • MCD Eating Out Guide: How to make healthy choices when you’re on the road. 
  • MCD Eliminations Booklet: How to find hidden sources of possible food allergens. 
  • MCD Plate: Visual guide to how to divide your meal in a healthy and balanced way. 
  • Weaning off Caffeine
  • MCD Alcohol and Social Drinks
  • MCD 12 week weight loss Program
Log into your practitioner account to access  the Pro Resource Library where you’ll find all the diet materials available for download as well as tips on how to implement a proven lifestyle program into your practice.

Click below to learn more about the Metabolic Code Diet approach


We will send a marketing kit to your office that includes:

  • Quick start – If you choose, we will upload your patient base directly Into your Metabolic Code Platform to immediately start marketing your patients
  • Kickstands for your office
  • Brochures
  • Sample reports
  • A how-to booklet on how to use the MC report for consults
  • A booklet that guides your office staff on in-office sales

Marketing collateral you can order to be used in your office

  • Brochure – This Metabolic Code branded brochure is an excellent tool to provide to your patients with explaining the benefits and science of Metabolic Code. View a Brochure Sample
  • Kickstands – These are stand-up signs that you can display throughout your office to raise awareness of the benefits of Metabolic Code.
  • PowerPoint Document  SlideShow – If you have a television in your office, you can show the Metabolic Code SlideShow for patients to watch and learn about the benefits while waiting.
  • PDF  Branding Standards Guide – This guide is critical to utilize when marketing to patients and prospects with the Metabolic Code name. In this manual, you will find everything from the company’s core values down to the particular color palette used when branding Metabolic Code.

Website Marketing : Here are ideas for how you can incorporate the Metabolic Code offering into your existing webiste.

  • Website explanation
    Word Document  Website Content
    Disclaimer: Google frowns upon duplicate content on websites. To maximize your ROI, rewrite this page in your own words.
  • Banners Ads
    HEADLINE: Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired?
    SUBHEAD: Unlock Your Metabolic Code—Start on the Path to Wellness!
    CTA: Ask Us How >
    • 300×600
      Banner 300x600
    • 160×600
      Banner 160x600
    • 728×90
      Banner 728x90
    • 300×250
      Banner 300x250

Social Media: Ideas for how you can promote the Metabolic Code to your audience on social media

Beginner- You can repost and retweet Metabolic Code posts on social media to provide additional information to your patients.

Word Document  Social Media Instructions

Advanced – You will find social media best practices to apply to your practice to maximize social space.

Word Document  Social Media Best Practices

Testimonials you can share on your website, social or with your patients via email

Emails Campaigns you can send out to your list to promote your offering

Here you will find content provided for email campaigns related to Metabolic Code. You can copy and paste this content into an email and send to your patient base.

Word Document  What is the Metabolic Code?

Word Document  Meet the Triads

Word Document  Supplements

Word Document  Health and Vitality Assessment Report

Metabolic Medicine® Educational Resources

Log into your practitioner account to access more resources to help you delve deeper into the Metabolic Code and better serve your patients. 

Resource Library

Deep dive into The Metabolic Code with the best of the best during our exclusive 2-day live trainings. Held twice a year, these trainings are only open to Metabolic Code practitioners. 

Metabolic Pro Blog

Exclusive articles, research, case studies and more to help you enrich your knowledge and understanding of the Metabolic Code system and integrative medicine. 

Live 2-Day Trainings

Deep dive into The Metabolic Code with the best of the best during our exclusive 2-day live trainings. Held twice a year, these trainings are only open to Metabolic Code practitioners. More details coming soon!

More Practitioner Support Tools

Legal forms to give to your patients

We have not created consent forms for Metabolic Code specifically because each report will come up with a different treatment plan based on the patient’s outcome. You should use the pro forma blank consent form, and complete them based on the actual treatment plan you implement for each patient.
Below you will find an example of a Consent to Treat and Informed Consent form that can be utilized for Metabolic Code.

Participating Laboratories    


For technical support with the Metabolic Code Practitioner Portal please go to our contact page. 

We will get back to you as soon as possible to triage. 


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