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Order Protocol From the Client’s Report

Please view video below, or follow the written steps:

**This action should be performed after Recommended Supplements have been reviewed with patient**

1. From Details View of Order (refer “How to View Details of an Order” if needed), select the “Order Protocol” action:

2. This will open up a new tab in your browser with the shopping cart of the recommended items in the Supplement Portal. In this view you have the ability to make changes to the list to fit what the patient will be proceeding with at this time.

   a. With the “X” you can remove items from the cart:

   b. You can also add items by searching for them and adding them to the         cart:

3. Once the Shopping Cart has been modified, please choose “Select a Customer” if this is the first time the Order Protocol action has been selected for the patient. You will need to create them as a customer (refer to “How to Create a Customer on Supplement Portal”):

Otherwise, you should see the name linked directly to the shopping cart:

4. From here you can either “Proceed to Checkout” to place the order for the patient or “Email to Customer” for them to manage their own orders:

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