The Metabolic Code is a proprietary approach to clinical assessment and treatment planning implemented as a component of all treatment programming where appropriate within medical and non-medical services. The Metabolic Code Protocol is unique in that it condenses and systematizes an enormous amount of clinical information into an approach that works for patients and is easily taught to health professionals.  It views metabolism as a sum of all the factors that influence health throughout one’s life.

Work Smarter

Metabolic Code is an easy-to-use application with practical functionality for physicians. Once subscribed, you will have access to the Metabolic Code Health Assessment Platform through your private and secure online account. This platform offers a painless and streamlined system to ordering testing and identifying various health factors in traditional and non-traditional lab tests (blood, urine, saliva). This testing explores traditional measures, as well as many areas such as toxic levels, food allergies, drug-nutrient depletions and how all of these factors are interrelated.

The Metabolic Code Health Assessment Platform collects information from the patient’s extensive web-based questionnaire, biometrics, and testing results to harmonize and generate a useful, straightforward report for the practitioner to utilize when consulting with the patient. This report is populated to show an individual patient “road map” to significantly enhance their health and vitality while including TRIAD graphics to allow for easy interaction and relatability with the patient.

The Metabolic Code report provides clear and concise figures on where the patient can improve health based on the TRIAD relationships using dietary, lifestyle, and targeted supplements specific for their individualized needs. The Metabolic Code Supplement Solution (MCSS) offers a turnkey fulfillment solution to automatically deliver products to your patients through our advanced Auto-Order solution or In-Office distribution. The Metabolic Code Supplement Solution provides an outlet for increased patient compliance and adherence, alongside increased practitioner revenue.

Metabolic Code also helps to simplify the backend of the process making patient and practitioner satisfaction a key priority.

  • Access to multiple clinical laboratories and first-class supplement manufacturers.
  • Patients can utilize insurance for lab testing even if the physician is not an insurance participating provider. This is submitted through by the lab, NOT the office.
  • Reports are automatically generated based on patient biomarkers, a comprehensive questionnaire, and laboratory results.
  • Lab results are automatically posted to the patient’s account when ordered through the Metabolic Code Platform, freeing office staff from the tedious tasks of tracking down results.
  • Metabolic Code will handle all communication and correspondence with multiple vendors allowing for better use of practitioner time.
  • Any declined or rejected credit card transactions on product orders is handled through the Metabolic Code support team.

Make More

Allow Metabolic Code to take to guesswork out of determining what supplements your patient’s need.

In a 2015 Practitioner Survey completed by Holistic Primary Care, found that nearly two-thirds of physicians that participated in the survey agree or strongly agreed that supplements have a positive value but they are not well versed enough about supplements to recommend a specific product.

The Metabolic Code provides many avenues to increasing practice revenue including:

  • Report Fee – Suggested retail price of the Metabolic Code Health and Assessment Report is $99 per report.
  • Supplements – Key supplements are recommended based on individual assessment.
  • Auto-Order – Increase long-term patient satisfaction with permission-based recurring orders shipped monthly. Statistics show that placing a supplement request on recurring Auto-Orders increases sales up to 200%. This also reduces required In-Office inventory for patient accessibility.
  • Compliance – When patients understand the need for improved wellness through supplementation with an easy to follow outline, it builds trust between the practitioner and patient resulting in improved patient compliance and loyalty. Patients are more likely to follow up on future appointments and stay on track with their regimen.

Better Outcomes

The Metabolic Code provides a unique approach to health care that can be applied to virtually any health condition and, if followed, produces significant results. The Metabolic Code Report compiles all biomarkers, lab data, and critical questionnaire answers into a comprehensive report that highlight metabolic imbalances and recommends a plan of action. This self-generating report suggests proven integrative protocols that the practitioner can easily incorporate into patient wellness, alongside visual graphics that allow for easy interaction and relatability with complex concepts for the patient.  Metabolic Code helps to bridge the gap and create a symbiotic relationship between practitioner and patient.

In a Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) survey, consumers rated their physician as the most educated about supplements (43% “very knowledgeable”) as compared to, for example, pharmacist (32%) or in-store staff (10%). Additional research has shown that when physicians recommend a supplement, patients are more likely to trial the suggested product, are more compliant with advised dosing and use the product for a greater amount of time. This is the precisely what the Metabolic Code offers.

Recommending targeted dietary supplements based on the Metabolic Code report increases patient compliance and adherence along with supplement sales. Supplements can be shipped to the patient’s home on a monthly recurring basis while simultaneously building awareness for private practice branding. All supplement boxes shipped out include unique marketing logos of the individual office prescribing.